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Iron On Stick On Ink Stampers
Vinyl Labels


Camping Labels for Your Next Camping Trip

Have no fear — your camping label essentials are here!

Bunkline Outfitter has everything you need to organize your camping essentials with labels. We have a select range of iron-on labels that are made from high-quality nylon, with a backing that is suitable for ironing straight onto fabric. They last through many washes without peeling off like other labels. We recommend that you wait 24 hours before washing your clothes after you’ve put on the iron-on labels to allow the fabric to completely adhere to the label.

Stick-on labels are what we all know and love the most. A stick-on label is a small piece of paper that is meant to stick on any surface, depending on how strong the adhesive is, of course. These are the most commonly found labels on products in the market.

Vinyl labels are a stronger form of plastic, do not react to moisture, and are pretty sturdy. These are amazing for outdoor uses, like camping! It’s recommended to use vinyl labels on any of your items that will be stored outside since they are waterproof and much more durable than stick-on labels.

Bunkline Outfitter also has ink stampers and marker pens for all your labeling needs on your next camping trip!

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