Company Information

Bunkline Outfitter has helped millions of parents and campers pack for overnight camp. Our experienced staff are able to help with the necessary items, clothing sizes, and popular items. We take the stress out of packing for camp. Parents today lead very busy lives and in many families both the Mother and Father are working. We make it easy for them. There is no need to shop from store to store or drag the family through every mall. Bunkline is one stop shopping. We keep it simple as featured on NBC’s Today’s Show and Real Simple Magazine. We offer soft trunks, cot sheets, linens, and terrific clothing buys. Purchase our labels for easy labeling.  Forget to pack something, we will ship direct to camp.

Our business is open all year. We are busy the entire year getting ready for the next season and always looking for new and different items to help our campers. Storage space is limited at camp. We have come up with many ways to organize and add places to put things. Between tradeshows and our account reps we keep searching for the next “got to have” item.

We offer many ways to label your clothing, since there isn’t one way that works on all types of fabrics and items. We have more laundry bags, water bottles, flashlights, fans, and memory autograph items than you can imagine. 

Visit our website to view and purchase your favorite choices.

We try to encourage our customers to order early. Orders received in April, May and June do take longer to ship. By the end of June, the orders slow up and they ship out faster. Our website, which was featured in the New York Times, is very easy to use and available 24/7. All products are available online by using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. This site is very secure and we do not sell our customer lists.

Ruth Barnett, CEO of Bunkline Outfitter, started the business over 30 years ago building it up over the years. With a background in graphic arts, we offer great custom designs for printing t-shirts and many other items. The business started with a need to control the production and distribution of camp uniforms. We have contracts with many camps throughout the United States to provide their families with an outfitter. From this we grew into adding the extra items that appeal to everyone. When Bunkline came online with we began to ship International. We are members of the American Camping Association and promote the business through their membership.

We are definitely the way to go!!!… “Parents, start your packing.”