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Camping Bedding – Egg Crate Foam, Mattress Pads, & Camping Mattresses

Here at Bunkline Outfitter, we strive for quality and comfort when it comes to your camping essentials.

We have a variety of egg crate foam, cot mattress pads, and mattress covers that are made from polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is synthetically created from two organic chemical compounds. Once the foam is completely synthesized, it's hot and poured into egg-crate-shaped molds.

Egg crate mattress covers do an amazing job of relieving pressure with air. However, not all egg crate foams are durable. Because of the grooves in the foam, they tend to have poor durability and usually flatten much faster than other types of foams.

Egg crate mattresses suit side and back sleepers because they provide additional support for your hips and shoulders. They differ from memory foam mattresses. Memory foam pads typically suit front, back, and side combination sleepers since they retain their original position and natural curve of their spine.

Egg crate foam is typically found in the top comfort layers of the mattress, but it can also be used in the base layer as well! Egg crate pads usually have more response and more airflow than the flat foam layers; however, the quality of comfort depends on the quality of the foam. Lower-quality foams can be quite uncomfortable and usually break down much faster than high-quality foams.

Bunkline Outfitter always seeks the highest-quality equipment and camping essentials for our customers. To use our egg crate pads correctly, place the pad on top of the mattress with the bumps facing the ceiling, then place a fitted sheet over the egg crate cover and mattress. Voila! Now you are able to sleep in maximum comfort.

We select items that fit easily into a sleepaway camp trunk, including thin and warm sheets for summer camp bunks, organizers, and laundry accessories. Want to make the cabin a little more comfortable? Pick up one of our portable fans or our pillows today!